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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the Data Structures course.

Data Structures

Exercise 1.1: Creating Arrays
Exercise 1.2: Access by Index
Exercise 1.3: Arrays of Non-Numbers
Exercise 1.4: Arrays of Arrays
Exercise 1.5: Create Your Own

Exercise 2.1: Introduction to Hashes
Exercise 2.2: Using
Exercise 2.3: Adding to a Hash
Exercise 2.4: Accessing Hash Values

Exercise 3.1: (Re)Introduction to Iteration
Exercise 3.2: Iterating Over Arrays
Exercise 3.3: Iterating Over Multidimensional Arrays
Exercise 3.4: Iterating Over Hashes

Exercise 4.1: Multidimensional Arrays
Exercise 4.2: Hashes
Exercise 4.3: Iterating Over a Hash