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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the Loops & Iterators course.

Loops & Iterators

Exercise 1.1: The 'While' Loop
Exercise 1.2: Danger: Infinite Loops!
Exercise 1.3: The 'Until' Loop
Exercise 1.4: More Assignment Operators

Exercise 2.1: The 'For' Loop
Exercise 2.2: Inclusive and Exclusive Ranges
Exercise 2.3: Building Your Own

Exercise 3.1: The Loop Method
Exercise 3.2: Next!
Exercise 3.3: Saving Multiple Values
Exercise 3.4: The .each Iterator
Exercise 3.5: Try It Out!
Exercise 3.6: The .times Iterator

Exercise 4.1: Looping with 'While'
Exercise 4.2: Looping with 'Until'
Exercise 4.3: Looping with 'For'
Exercise 4.4: Loop the Loop with Loop
Exercise 4.5: Iterating with .times