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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the CSS Positioning course.

CSS Positioning

Exercise 1.1: See it to believe it
Exercise 1.2: Taking up space
Exercise 1.3: Inline-block
Exercise 1.4: Inline
Exercise 1.5: None!

Exercise 2.1: Sketching it out
Exercise 2.2: Margin
Exercise 2.3: Margin top, right, bottom, left
Exercise 2.4: Borders
Exercise 2.5: Padding
Exercise 2.6: Negative values
Exercise 2.7: Review

Exercise 3.1: To the right!
Exercise 3.2: To the left!
Exercise 3.3: Float for two
Exercise 3.4: Clearing elements

Exercise 4.1: Static by default
Exercise 4.2: Absolute positioning
Exercise 4.3: Relative positioning
Exercise 4.4: Fixed positioning

Exercise 5.1: The story so far
Exercise 5.2: Navigation bar, where are you?
Exercise 5.3: Displaying it properly
Exercise 5.4: Floating right along
Exercise 5.5: You've done it!