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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the CSS Selectors course.

CSS Selectors

Exercise 1.1: All HTML elements are selectors
Exercise 1.2: Multiple Selectors
Exercise 1.3: One selector to rule them all
Exercise 1.4: Rock Your Selectors

Exercise 2.1: Branching
Exercise 2.2: Parents, children, and siblings
Exercise 2.3: Swinging from branch to branch
Exercise 2.4: Can you swing it?
Exercise 2.5: See it to believe it

Exercise 3.1: Beyond HTML elements
Exercise 3.2: Keeping it classy
Exercise 3.3: ID, please!
Exercise 3.4: Putting it all together

Exercise 4.1: Even finer control
Exercise 4.2: Links
Exercise 4.3: First child
Exercise 4.4: Nth child
Exercise 4.5: Show it if you know it!

Exercise 5.1: Final section breather
Exercise 5.2: Multiple selectors
Exercise 5.3: Class selectors
Exercise 5.4: ID selectors
Exercise 5.5: Pseudo selectors


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