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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the CSS: An Overview course.

CSS: An Overview

Exercise 1.1: Seeing is believing
Exercise 1.2: What CSS is
Exercise 1.3: Why separate form from function?
Exercise 1.4: If it's in, it's out!
Exercise 1.5: Link it up!
Exercise 1.6: PSA: Self-closing tags

Exercise 2.1: Syntax for the wintax
Exercise 2.2: One selector, many properties
Exercise 2.3: Many selectors, many properties
Exercise 2.4: The importance of semicolons
Exercise 2.5: Color commentary
Exercise 2.6: Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Exercise 3.1: Hexawhatnow?
Exercise 3.2: Roses are red...
Exercise 3.3: Pixels and ems
Exercise 3.4: A font of knowledge
Exercise 3.5: Backup values
Exercise 3.6: Review

Exercise 4.1: Background color, height, and width
Exercise 4.2: Bordering on insanity
Exercise 4.3: Links and text decoration

Exercise 5.1: HTML + CSS = BFFs
Exercise 5.2: Many selectors, many properties
Exercise 5.3: Fall back!
Exercise 5.4: Size and borders
Exercise 5.5: Links and text decoration