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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the Introduction to Objects II course.

Introduction to Objects II

Exercise 1.1: An Objective Review
Exercise 1.2: Fun with Functions
Exercise 1.3: Literally Speaking
Exercise 1.4: Can I See Your References?
Exercise 1.5: Who's in Your Bracket?

Exercise 2.1: I.D., Please
Exercise 2.2: Know Thyself
Exercise 2.3: Dressed to Impress
Exercise 2.4: Getting IN-timate
Exercise 2.5: List ALL the Properties!

Exercise 3.1: Class is in Session
Exercise 3.2: Teach Snoopy
Exercise 3.3: How do Classes Help Us?
Exercise 3.4: Prototype to the Rescue
Exercise 3.5: Prototype Practice

Exercise 4.1: It's All in the Genes
Exercise 4.2: Marching Penguins
Exercise 4.3: DRY Penguins
Exercise 4.4: Black (and White) Penguin Magic
Exercise 4.5: Penguins, Properties, and the Prototype
Exercise 4.6: Up the Food-I-mean-Prototype Chain

Exercise 5.1: Open to the Public
Exercise 5.2: Private Variables
Exercise 5.3: Accessing Private Variables
Exercise 5.4: Private Methods
Exercise 5.5: Passing Arguments

Exercise 6.1: Looks For-In To Me
Exercise 6.2: Hello? Yes, This is Dog
Exercise 6.3: So Meta I Can't Take It!
Exercise 6.4: Private Eye