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Below please find links to archived Q&A discussion for the Introduction to Objects I course.

Introduction to Objects I

Exercise 1.1: We've come a long, long...
Exercise 1.2: Through the hard times...
Exercise 1.3: ...And the good!
Exercise 1.4: I have to celebrate you baby
Exercise 1.5: I have to praise you like I should!

Exercise 2.1: Intro
Exercise 2.2: Properties
Exercise 2.3: Accessing Properties
Exercise 2.4: Accessing Properties, Part 2
Exercise 2.5: Another Way to Create
Exercise 2.6: Putting it all together
Exercise 2.7: More Practice Making Objects

Exercise 3.1: Function Review
Exercise 3.2: So What's a Method?
Exercise 3.3: Why Are Methods Important?
Exercise 3.4: The "this" Keyword
Exercise 3.5: "This" Works for Everyone
Exercise 3.6: Make Your Own Method
Exercise 3.7: More Kinds of Methods

Exercise 4.1: The Object Constructor
Exercise 4.2: Custom Constructors
Exercise 4.3: Try it Out!
Exercise 4.4: More Options
Exercise 4.5: Constructors With Methods
Exercise 4.6: Constructors in Review

Exercise 5.1: Arrays of Objects
Exercise 5.2: Loop the loop
Exercise 5.3: Passing Objects into Functions
Exercise 5.4: Try it Out!

Exercise 6.1: What Are Objects For?
Exercise 6.2: Properties
Exercise 6.3: Customizing Constructors
Exercise 6.4: Methods


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