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Introduction to Functions in JS

Exercise 1.1: Introduction
Exercise 1.2: Introducing Functions
Exercise 1.3: Function syntax
Exercise 1.4: How does a function work?
Exercise 1.5: Tying it all together

Exercise 2.1: Don't Repeat Yourself (D.R.Y)
Exercise 2.2: Return keyword
Exercise 2.3: Functions, return and if / else

Exercise 3.1: Functions with two parameters
Exercise 3.2: Global vs Local Variables
Exercise 3.3: Functions recap
Exercise 3.4: Functions & if / else
Exercise 3.5: Conclusion


thank you very much:kissing_closed_eyes:


var foodDemand = function (food)
console.log("I want to eat"+""+food);


i am not able to get the output.