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Getting Started with Programming

Exercise 1.1: What is your name?
Exercise 1.2: Discover the length
Exercise 1.3: Basic math
Exercise 1.4: Numbers and more
Exercise 1.5: Error: does not compute!

Exercise 2.1: Editor and comments
Exercise 2.2: What am I learning?
Exercise 2.3: Interactive JavaScript
Exercise 2.4: What is programming?
Exercise 2.5: Data Types I & II: Numbers & Strings
Exercise 2.6: Data Type III: Booleans

Exercise 3.1: Using console.log
Exercise 3.2: Comparisons
Exercise 3.3: Decisions, decisions
Exercise 3.4: Computers are smart
Exercise 3.5: More practice with conditionals
Exercise 3.6: Computers aren't that smart

Exercise 4.1: Mid-lesson breather
Exercise 4.2: Math
Exercise 4.3: Math and the modulo
Exercise 4.4: Modulo and if / else
Exercise 4.5: Substrings
Exercise 4.6: More substring practice

Exercise 5.1: Variables
Exercise 5.2: More Variable Practice
Exercise 5.3: Change variable values
Exercise 5.4: Conclusion: Part 1
Exercise 5.5: Conclusion: Part 2

Can you please suggest some good ways to learn
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