April 2024 Study Group

Learning: Started reading about JavaScript in another site, App academy

Blocker: Some distractions from getting knowledge from various other places…and keeping track of them!

State of Mind: Sometimes happier…other times rather drained out…but trying different methods of gathering knowledge in order to move forward.


After not appearing here for a few weeks, I’m back with renewed energy.
I’ve just finished my “jammming” project where you can create a playlist to your Spotify account:
Take a look here (Jammming project complete) and give some feedback. I’ll appreciate.

Learning: I started React Router.
Blocker: None for now :grinning:
State of Mind: Focused


Learning: JavaScript Syntax, Part III: Inheritance III

Blocker: Yep!

State of Mind: I am taking my time on this and treating it as a first pass-through, because I have additional plans for studying JavaScript as well. I think this is one of those situations where I really need to hear someone talking about it to fully understand.

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Welcome Back:-)



Do you want to share here which exercise you’re stuck on?


Thank you for the offer.

It is nothing against you or anyone else, but I have yet to have success with help given via online forums. Therefore, I would like to just give it some time first. If it becomes concerning, do you mind if I reach out at that time?

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Of course! Just let me know if/when you think there’s something I/we can help with.


Thank you. I appreciate your support and offer. :slight_smile:

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Learning: I completed the coursework for JavaScript Syntax, Part III: Classes.

Blocker: It is all about becoming familiar.

State of Mind: Everything is fine.

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Learning: I completed the third qualifying exam of the Front-End Engineer path!

Blocker: I still need to work on JavaScript functions, but I am proud that I was able to get through the exam.

State of Mind: I looked at other resources and realized I knew more than I thought. After, I suppose I was in a better mood, because I could figure it out.

  • Today I worked on Writable Streams in Node. A quick lesson in today not a lot of time.

  • Blockers: was having an issue testing a function to write lines to a file. After a few minutes of looking at the code I found my typo and it worked perfectly.

  • Motivation: Is really good today.


Nice job on completing the exam!!

  • Today I worked on The Timers Module in Node, then went through the review and practiced on the review Challenge.

  • No Blockers today.

  • Motivation is High today. I want to work on some more, but do not have more time today!


Learning: Completed the Build a Library project in the Learn JavaScript Syntax: Classes section.

Blocker: It is starting to make more sense.

State of Mind: I just realized that we are in May 2024 and this study topic is listed as April 2024.

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@rebeccacrecelius I just realized that I never responded to your question. Sorry, Yes I have worked on the exercise too. I think it is a good place to practice some problems outside of Codecaedemy. :+1:

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