April 2024 Study Group


Do you…

  • want to study more at Codecademy but lose focus easily?
  • feel like you get distracted all the time?
  • wished you could have a group to keep you accountable?
  • want to connect with others also developing their coding skills?

The plan

  • Try sharing an update with the group every day (it’s ok if you skip here and there, but try to stay consistent)
  • Share a few lines, or paragraphs. Up to you!
  • Share ideas, thoughts and anything else related to your learning

Please share 3 things every day:

  • What are you learning/covering today
  • Any blockers/problems you run into
  • Your general state of mind (fired up, motivated, neutral, tired, don’t want to study at all)
  • For Today I worked on some practice while I was in the Tuesday study group. I then worked on the tweaking the search component for my Reddit Challenge project.

  • No Blockers today.

  • Motivation was a little bit on the neutral side. Not sure if it is just the fact that it was snowing all morning or just needed a little break. Still feeling good about progress just not super fired up today. I am sure I will be back tomorrow firing on all cylinders.


I’m going back and trying to understand functions better in python. I have been able to get things to work in individual lessons but struggle to put it all together to create one big action. But I am trying to stay motivated.


April 2nd

Today, I started the Data Scientist: Machine Learning Career Path and I’m currently working through the Principles of Data chapter, as part of the Data Science Foundations course. I wasn’t intending to start this right now as I wanted to finish the R Capstone project first but that hasn’t been very successful since the Google Trends package hasn’t been working. I actually tried to get it to work on Python earlier, as I’m a bit more familiar with Python, so I played around with the Pytrends package as well, but I ended up getting a similar error as the gtrendsR package in R. It’s getting a little frustrating so I’m going to put a pause on that until I figure out my next steps with it. Since this is my first post of the month (and I’m starting a new course), I thought it would be nice to set a goal to work towards. My goal is to get to 25% completion with this course by the end of the month.

I guess the packages not working would be considered a blocker.

Motivation was alright today. I got a bit frustrated with the packages but I feel fairly motivated to crack on with a new course!

In other news, I managed to pick up a forum badge for New User of the Month :raised_hands: and it has only just come to my attention that I was previously dating my posts a year behind :person_facepalming: I did do them this year, I’m just not very attentive and didn’t notice the year until literally just now.

I think so. I had a look on the Codecademy forums and Discord and it seems as though I’m not the only person with this problem. It seems to be an issue with Google as opposed to the packages themselves, so I’m not sure if there’s going to be a quick fix for it.


Learning: Today, I completed the Front-End Engineer path’s section titled “Making a Website Accessible.”

Blocker: There were no blockers today.

State of Mind: I may work more tonight because the next section is about GitHub, and I really need to know some things about that platform. Also, I am happy Codecademy included the accessibility section as part of this path. I would like to learn more as I think it is really important.


Maybe tomorrow … … ….

I have found the best way to learn git and GitHub is by using it. Its now just how I work. GitHub Pages seemed scary at first but now it just feels natural.


Let’s study!

Today it’s about giving the chance about learning how to debug your code, how to recognize when those Machiavellian errors suddenly appear :crossed_swords: without belittle them because they teach you as much as codecademy

As a way of “side-practice” I have to select another project to work with, in order to implement my new skills of javascript, so I’m going to use “Frontend Mentors” to seek for another project to practice

Quite motivated (as everyday) and very happy. I’m looking forward to invite a friend to have a coffee :coffee:, hope she says yes!

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i’m making portfolio website in html css javascript and facing difficulties. thats my story to day

I use it daily for 100DaysOfCode, but I have been struggling with how to write a good Commit message.

I understand that it should start with a capitalized verb and not end in a period.

However, then I saw someone mention adding more information about why a commit was made. I also read an article about detailed descriptions. Yet, I am not sure if detailed descriptions should be written in paragraph form (in any tense) or if they should also follow the previously mentioned format of present tense and no punctuation.

Do you know?

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Learning: For coursework, all I did today was read the Introduction: Git and GitHub, Part I page. Yet, for my personal project, I added form validations based on previous coursework. I also continued working on the JavaScript for that project. I am still having trouble, so I reached out to the community via Discord.

Blocker: There were not any blockers with the coursework. The only blocker I experienced had to do with the personal project.

State of Mind: I am extremely stressed.


The weather has been total rain and wind in NYC all day :cloud_with_rain:

Hopefully you can overcome these blockers! Don’t forget to ask for help

Got it, will do!

You should try and contribute to Codecademy Docs!

Good luck!

:frowning: I hope it gets better soon for you


I suspect it’s an ‘ask 12 [programmers] and you’ll get 13 different answers’ kind of question. The key points you mention (capitalise first word, start with verb in present tense and imperative voice) are probably universal. Codecademy docs may help.

Try this (in addition to the above):

  • write one complete sentence
  • give enough information for whoever reads it to know why you made the commit
  • keep it simple and to the point (i.e. no more than the previous ,bullet point)

If you find yourself writing an essay (read ‘paragraph/more than one short sentence’) you probably tried to do more than one commit’s worth of stuff in that commit.

Remember what your branch is for and keep the commits (and therefore the changes to the code) relevant to the branch.

Bedtime chez Sam so have to leave it there but if I can find an example later I’ll add it here as another reply.


Posting a reply here is as much as I could manage.

Block: time, moving house, full time work, caring responsibities

Motivation: highly motivated to switch on again tomorrow and hope to do some coding

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Thank you for the tip.

I think I do way more than what is intended for one commit.

Previously, I was using Notepad for my day’s work, and then I would just copy/paste it into VSCode before making a commit. It sort of bums me out when I think about all of the dark green squares I would have otherwise gotten.

Yesterday was tough due to unrelated issues, but I will work on the GitHub section today. Your tips are very helpful as I generally do my 100DaysOfCode first thing in the morning and before studying. I will try them today.

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Hi Fede, Hi everyone
Is there a session at lunchtime (in New York time)?

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  • Today I worked on Some practice and was reading up some on the Reddit API. So in doing that I decided that I needed to approach my project a bit differently and readjust how I was going to organize some of my components. It just seemed a little to cluttered and not organized. So trying to simplify that a bit so the flow is better.

  • Blockers today was just taking a few steps back to make sure I don’t over complicate my project and kinda starting over. I may have jumped the gun on a couple of things and just need to take a step back. In the long I think this will be better.

  • Motivation is High having a lot of fun working on these projects going through the trial/error and learning.

  • What are you learning/covering today
    Proceeded in JS Lessons: Got through Arrays and Loops. Tomorrow will begin Objects, hope to finish it.

  • Any blockers/problems you run into
    Some “errors” were just missing syntax. Got through it in some minutes rereading the codes.

  • Your general state of mind (fired up, motivated, neutral, tired, don’t want to study at all)
    Feeling better after doing two things:
    -Cutting refined sugar, mainly by the morning. Realized it makes me feel tired.
    -Leaving the phone in another room, preferably turned off. It really helps focusing.
    Focused on keeping improving.


I moved recently and I swear I’ll pay as much as I have to never to do it myself again :laughing:

Nice! It’s a great thing to do

Not today! We skipped this week and we’ll skip next week as well.

how do you feel about all the changes they made to their API?

That’s actually really good advice