Approval web implementation

I’m trying to develop a reactive web.

It’s similar to Approval system , but in one form, two people exchange it.

I’d like to create a web that can be added as below.

For example,

  1. A writes the contents and sends it to B.
  2. B will add the amount and send it to A again.
  3. Check if A is correct(check box) and send it to B again. (The final modification is made here and cannot be modified anymore.)

I don’t know what language to use or how to implement the ability to send it back and forth.

I don’t have a clue. Please give me some advice.

Feel free to get in touch.

I am not really sure what you meant by the term reactive web in this case but below is what you could use for the example you describe:

If you implement this mostly from scratch and it is supposed to be web-based it seems like a full-stack solution is the most obvious choice. You could save the form-data in a database (Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB or some other), use a server-language to build a back-end server which would access your database (in JS, Java, Python, or some other language). Doing this you would use a server framework to make your job easier (such as Express.js or Django for python). Then you would create a front-end website (HTML, CSS, JS and probably a framework such as React) to access the server and data. So you could end up with a PERN Stack (Postgres, Express, React, Node) or some other stack (many options). It is also possible to do more and more with a serverless-design these days so my suggestion is by no means the only way to accomplish what you have in mind… There may also be some platforms that could make your job easier but possibly have their own cost.