Appointment Planner Project from Full-Stack Path

I just finished the Appointment Planner today! I started last night…

I had issues with mapping out the contacts data and I found solutions and some help on this forum. The reason was, I was mapping out an object which should have been transformed into an array first (since map is used for arrays). Also, one thing to note is naming a prop to pass it as an attribute! Particularly on the TileList component… This is a shared component between the Contacts and Appointment so, naming them was really tricky at first and posed a lot of bugs. Thankfully, I was able to find some help with other friends here who went thru the same problem.

Feel free to check my code here: GitHub - japyg/appointment-planner

I didn’t really dwell on designing the app as I was focusing more on understanding how props and passing them between components work.

Let me know what you think and this could also guide you in the process whenever you are stuck. :slight_smile: