Appointment Planner Challenge Project (React)


Feel free to offer your criticism :slight_smile:

Hi, I am trying to add options to delete a contact or an appointment but I can’t. Can someone give me any idea?

I am happy to share my solution on this react project, it was quite challenging yet exiting to get done. I am also open to receive opinions on my solution, thank you!

Hi, this is my solution to the Appointment Planer Project.

I would love to find a partner to do a code review with. Comment below if you would like to be my partner and I will happily review the code for your solution in return

Looking forward :slight_smile:

This was a challenging project! I got a little lost in the prop drilling and am hopeful that someone can provide a code review and possibly some suggestions about how to improve that aspect of this project.

I did a couple of small extensions to the project and may continue refining this in the weeks to come.
Netlify Live Version

Would love feedback on the prop drilling and also the best way to clear the contact picker when adding a new appointment. My solution feels a little like a workaround rather than the best way to handle.


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A live demo please !!!

This is Codecademy’s solution. The reason why I posted this is because, I want you to feel better.
I want you to realize that you not the only one who’s felt this way.

Don’t give up, change your career!


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I agree with you.

The steps 8 and 9 are so confusing to me. They are not well explained at all.

This is my own project.

Live site:

For the last two steps I have asked a friend because the instructions weren’t clear at all.

I hope you will like it.

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August 2022

I’ve noticed I got a 404 status code error when trying to run Codecademy’s solution on Codecademy, but when running it on Visual Studio Code (VS Code) it was running without a bug!

I submitted a get Unstuck submission for something being wrong with the content of this project. this is what I said.

“The instruction for this project is useless. there are 90 comments on the solution Forum that all say they could not have possibly been expected to know how to do this. There are several instances of props or other things that are in the solution code, that are never mentioned in the instruction. Things like “name” being used as an accepted prop in the ContactPicker code, or the getContactNames function in AppointmentForm, or the fact that in the AppointmentPage instruction it says “The four state variables holding the form’s appointment data should each default to an empty string using useState(‘’)” but then in the solution code we see " const [contact, setContact] = useState(
contacts.length > 0 ? contacts[0].name : “”

Please fix this for future students. "

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This was definitely a challenge so if anyone needs solution code you can check out mine