Application for Project - Colmar Academy

What application would be the best choice for the Capstone Project - Colmar Academy. Is it Dreamweaver, Atom, or something else. Thanks.

Once the software application has been chosen what method would you use from html and css. I mean div, @media, etc.

Has anyone uploaded the colmar Academy project so that I can see the source code.

Hi there! Yeah, if you use the search bar for the community, you’ll find many other Colmar Academy posts from other learners.

I think it comes down to personal preference. I like using VSCode to write and debug my code. VSC can be customized by installing new packages and tools in it, so you should be able to set it up exactly the way you want. Just don’t forget that to run some of the interactive website stuff you’ll need to also install Node.JS in your machine.

Another option is to use online platforms like codepen,, glitch, etc. On this sites you can create a profile and start coding right away. The benefits of using these sites is that they are like Google Drive: you can share your progress with others easily and even invite them to edit your code live with you.

Good luck with your capstone project!