AppleScript Questions

Are there any MacOS users?
I have recently discovered AppleScript and looked into it. I knew it was there, but I didn’t know what it was. I’ve been trying to read the documentation for it, but none of it really makes any sense. I can understand the syntax, so I could potentially write some things in it, but I just am completely lost on what this language could possible be used for‽
The help website says: As you use your Mac, you’ll find some tasks that you do over and over. With AppleScript you can write scripts and applications that can automate repetitive tasks.
It’s just not clear at all on where you would run it, any kind of specific example of what it could do, or even why it’s used instead of a regular programming language with an IDE. Am I missing something? I’ve tried to look all over the website. I’ve also looked on stack overflow. Has anybody used it? I just want a practical use for it and to know whether or not it’s worth trying to get into.
Any responses are welcome, this is just something I don’t understand.

This is just a guess, mind, but it sounds like something you could write as batch files to assign repeated tasks to hot keys or even mouse gestures. Or the script might be invoked on the command line? Don’t mind me.

That’s a really good guess, and you actually are on the right track I think. I just wanted to see if people used MacOS and experienced using it at all because it’s foreign to me. It’s interesting enough, and I’m dedicated to learning, but I just will have to figure out what it’s useful for. Marketing explanations aren’t always the best.

Must admit I haven’t had a Mac since the 80’s. At least it was a decent guess. Hope you find out what you’re looking for. Looks like it dates back to System 7 days. The oldest result on this page is 2007,

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I’ve read that it has had a lot of changes, and you can actually write in python or Ruby and somehow do the same things because programmers tend to be more comfortable with normal syntax rather than

if amountReceived > 100 then
    set memberStatus to "special"
end if

Thanks for looking into it a little bit, I. appreciate that.

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Reading the uncited page on Wikipedia, AS traces back to 1993.

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I asked my dad since he has a Mac, and he says that it’s a type of macro like Visual Basic Script. You were right about the “hot keys/mouse” idea. You can press a key and you can write something to open files, write files, or even write an application. I decided that this was probably more useful for somebody who uses their computer for a job that does repetitive things, because although I use my computer for school, I don’t do anything over and over that could be done in less time by writing in the script. I found that I could either write in AppleScript or JavaScript on my pc.
Thanks a ton for the research you did and for looking into this, I really do appreciate it. I might utilize it one day, but for now I’m just going to leave it be and maybe read some about it.

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