App for measuring of demensions

Hi there! There are a lot of different apps to measure an element’s sizes and distances to other elements on web sites (like Measuremate and other). But all that I had met works with hosted internet sites only. I need apps that allow me to work with local documents (for example I work with index.html located locally on my PC. It shows in Google Chrome browser, I succeed in using Google Dev Tools etc. … but most apps for measuring dimensions don’t work when I try to measure elements of a local project).

Hope you give me some advice.

Best regards, Serg!

Measuremate seems to be a addon/plugin for your browser? That should work for any pages loaded into the browser (which can be local files from your hard disk/drive)

You are right - Measuremate is a plugin for browser. You are right, also, to say: “That should work for any pages loaded into browser”… Nevertheless it doesn’t work with local.

Then its just a poorly designed tool, maybe there is an alternative:

Top 5 MeasureMate Alternatives | Product Hunt

Thank you for attempt to help me. Issue was fixed by app settings. I added permission inside app settings “Allow to open local files by links”. Perhaps it will helps smb in future.

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