App development ( Android and IOS )

Can I use python to create an app without learning java?

Yes, its possible. Kivy (python framework) is an option.

Java is the native language of android (or any other language that support JVM), so it depends what you want to do

thanks… and I have got a few more question…

  1. Can I use python to make gaming app?
  2. I just started learning codes… What language should I learn first?
  3. Which programming language is the most advanced language in creating different kinds of apps?

maybe, but then its better to pick the native languages for the platform (swift for ios and java for android)

whatever suits what you want to build. There are people who argue that industry languages are not nice teaching languages, they may have a point.

it doesn’t work like that, there are different languages because they all have there strengths (and weaknesses)

So I should learn java but not python to build a gaming app? But I have learnt python for two days… Can you give me the reason why java should be used in making gaming app but not python pls

define gaming app?

Python is a high-level interpreted language, the performance might not be good enough for a game.

Android has native JVM support, so a language like Java or kotlin which support JVM is the better choice. Particular for heavier applications.

Thanks a lot!! So java is best choice used for making different kinds of apps with higher performance, including gaming app and other multi-purpose apps?

no, you are not listening. App is a very broad word these days, even web apps can be considered apps. Java is good choice if you want to make an android app, given android support JVM out of the box.

Java code compiles to bytes-code which is then run through JVM, which makes it platform independent. So Java is cross platform, but it doesn’t make it magically powerful.

Windows games like gta5, witcher 3, skyrim, you name it, are written in C++. (almost all a++ games are)

There isn’t a one size fit all, yes, there are cross platforms solutions like kivy and react native, but doesn’t mean they are always best fit for your project

get rid of the idea that you only have to learn a single language, learn programming concepts, this way, you can more easily learn multiple languages.

Thanks a lot, moderator

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