Apigee 20/21 code error


Here is the code I tried to submit, but I get an error:

//Setup your group options here
var groupOptions = {

var explorers = new Usergrid.Group(groupOptions);
explorers.fetch(function(error, group){
    client.getLoggedInUser(function(error, data, loggedInUser){
    if(error) {
        $("#response").append("There is an error!");
    } else {
            //Fill out the activity options here
            //Set the user and the content here!
            var activityOptions = {
            //Fill out the arguments for createGroupActivity Here
            explorers.createGroupActivity(activityOptions, function(error, activity){
                if(error) {
                    $("#response").append("There is an error");
                } else {
                    //Get the content for the activity here using get()
                    var content = activity.get("content")


Here are the instructions and hints:


  1. Initialize your client with the proper orgName.
  2. Fill out the activity options object with the current user, and some content.
  3. Use the createGroupActivity() function to create an activity for the group.
  4. In the callback for createGroupActivity() use the get() function on entity to retrieve the "content" property.

01. Did you remember the proper orgName?
02. Set the user property on line 23 with the current_user variable
03. Set the content property on line 24 with your content!
04. Get the content of the activity with activity.get("content")
05. On line 23 the user property should be set to loggedInUser.

What am I missing?


var content = activity.get("content");

You just miss a semicolon.


Unfortunately, I still get an error even after the semi-colon is added.