Apigee 19/21


I have no idea what's wrong with my code..

function addUserToGroup(){
var client = new Usergrid.Client({
//Intialize your client with the proper credentials

//fill out the group options here!
var options = {
client: client,

var explorers = new Usergrid.Group(options);
explorers.fetch(function(error, data){
client.login("driesmeyers", "1234", function(error, data, loggedInUser){
//Use the explorers object to add the user entity to the group.
//Set the user property of options to the user entity
//in the callback above

    var options = {
        //Set this to the value of the logged in user
        user: loggedInUser 

    explorers.add(options, function(error, data, list){
        //Use the members helper to get all the members of a group!
        explorers.members(function(err, members){
            //Get the first member of the group
            var member = members[0];
            //Get the username of the first group member here
            var username = loggedInUser.get("username");
            //Use the get() function to get the user's name




you are fetching normal users so no need for loggedInUser comand. also you need the first user in group. ssee what they did wit line before members[0], replace "username" with 0 as the first value in group.