API, lesson 15


// 1. HTTP is a protocol that connects clients and ______.
var answer1 = "SERVERS"

// 2. The four HTTP methods are GET, POST, ___, and DELETE.
var answer2 = "PUT"

// 3. A ___ error means the server goofed up. (200, 300, 400, or 500)
var answer3 = "5xx"

What is the problem with my answers?

Thanks in advance...


var answer3 = "5xx" //wrong
var answer3 = "500"//right



Many thanks @rcodeman :wink:


I got stuck on servers. I wrote 'servers', then 'Servers', still wrong, so I wrote "server' and so on. When I saw the above guy write SERVERS then I finally got past the level. Really silly of them to not have better error detection code.