API Key error


I have been trying to work on my own program using the NPR API and to make sure everything is working correctly I have been trying to re-create the station program with my own key. However, using the same syntax with my own key I have received the following errors:

KeyError: 'station', which refers to this line of code: for station in json_obj['station']:; when trying to parse through the json object

In addition I receive this message:

{'messages': {'message': {'text': {'$text': 'The API key passed in (my_redacted_key) is attempting to use an outdated API. Please update and access the current API. Visit http://www.npr.org/api for additional information.'}, 'timestamp': {'$text': '1447808842.44'}, 'id': '319', 'level': 'error'}}}

Is this a problem with my code or with the npr api?