API Integration ~ Looking for basic, step-by-step instructions


I want to learn how to integrate two applications that have public APIs. I understand some of the basics, but don’t know how all the pieces are put together. I am hoping someone on here can point me towards basic, step-by-step instructions on how to do what I need to do.

To be more specific: at work we use Google sheets in the office and a task management/collaboration tool called Zenkit for data collection out in the field. I want to integrate the two applications so that data flows between them and enables us to enter data once instead of multiple times for each application.

Basically all I want is to see someone do something similar to what I want to do so that I know: the general steps, which languages I need to be familiar with, where my code would reside (website? IDE? within one of the other APIs?), and just a general overview of the whole process. Much of what I’m finding does not seem to answer my questions, or adds to my confusion. For example, will I need to make my own API to integrate the other two? I also see a lot about ‘API testing’ and honestly I don’t know if that means for testing an API that I made or testing pre-existing APIs that I want to work with.

A lot of information I find is written poorly, or is for someone who already knows these things specifically. I want an outline of the process of using APIs, not creating them. Then I can fill in any pertinent gaps in my own knowledge. Right now I keep being pulled off on tangents that may or may not end up being helpful. I just want to target my research and integrate these applications as quickly as possible.

Thank you so much for any help or suggestions you might have!

-Brandon :cowboy_hat_face:

Do you understand what an API is? Could you explain to me? I am trying to get an idea of your knowledge level

In this specific case, the developers working at zenkit already provided you with the tools needed:


where a lot of heavy lifting seems to be done already. Have you looked into this and see if its sufficient for your needs?

Hi, Thanks for replying! Yes, I know what an API is and what it does. I also know about Zapier, but when I looked at the Zaps they provide I found that they were lacking some functionality that I would want. Also, I like the challenge of writing the code myself. All I’m trying to figure out is exactly what code languages I should focus on and where exactly that code goes. Does it live in an IDE, or in a website, somewhere inside the applications I’m using, or elsewhere altogether? I’m just unclear of exactly what all of the pieces themselves are and how they all get put together. Think of a recipe with 10 ingredients, I just want to know what they are, not how many cups or teaspoons of each, I can figure that out later. I just want to know all of the actual parts and the general idea of how they fit together to guide me in my learning.

Thanks again!

If zapier has limited API support, things become difficult. Then you would to do scraping or something.

This is something very specific. Not something on this forum can help you? Maybe you can make a support ticket on zapier website?

I would need to how zapier works, not something I know. Maybe you can scrape the information? Not as pretty. And there are multiple language which can do web scraping.

An IDE means: integrated development environment. This simply means all tools are within our editor

you could build an application, you can build a website which you can host on a server. There are so many options

Yes, I’m finding that there are! I guess that I kinda thought there would be a main way to do things, but I see now that the options are vast. I haven’t done web design since about, oh probably 2008 or so, and I see now that I need to broaden my understanding of what is actually possible!

I think I will start with a few Zapier integrations and keep working on my general understanding of APIs and different ways to utilize them. Zapier may have more functionality or abilities for customization than I originally thought. And it will be a good way of continuing my exploration of APIs in general without getting too caught up in the minutiae of coding.

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it!

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Given Zapier (or the company behind Zapier) build the API, they determine the functionality of the API