Anyone wants to collab?

Basically I want to do a project with someone (or more idrc). I know HTML, CSS, just a little of Python and I’m currently learning Swift but I know something, so I hope that’s not an issue. Reply in the comments if you’re down for something like this!

I have 3 projects, and I don’t have time to work on them. If you’re interested, send me a message.

Have you joined the Codecademy Discord channel? Finding others in real time is excellent on Discord people are on 24/7 and so helpful. If your not on here is a link:

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I’m in! Learning html, css, python, sql.

I am new here and I am also learning the same things. So It would be could to work on a project together!

I would want to collaborate in a real time project, I have a knowledge of R language I am currently learning bioinformatics using Python, I am at the beginner level, please more collaboration strengthens my confidence and skill.

count me in!
I know ~ Html, CSS and i’m currently learning javascript