Anyone using coding to make music or art?

Hey there,
Following on from with @mtf posted about the history of computers in music, I was wondering if anyone here has used coding to make any music or art? Might be fun to see where the creative juices have flowed beyond the traditional avenues.

I’ve done a very limited amount with the programs Max/MSP, PureData and LEP, which are more graphical, but I’m really intrigued about trying to use some Javascript libraries to make music - one thing that’s really jumping out at me at the moment is Johnny Five, which is a way to make robots with Javascript. I’d love to make a little robot orchestra.

I have an old friend/colleague who is in academia now and I see him posting here and there about music-tech things. Here’s a paper I found of his, might or might not be of interest to you: "Telematic Music vs. Networked Music" by Eric C. Lemmon

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There is some sort of IDE which you can create your own music.

Here →


This looks AWESOME! One day, when I will have time, I will give it a try.