Anyone Use Notepad++?

I have a question regarding changing the highlight…it drives me crazy that no matter which theme I select, there’s always some mysterious visual choice – and I’ve googled and googled and can’t get an answer…apparently it’s a big to-do, changing default colors!!

Specifically, I need to change this – just take a look at this (second image shows the problem; first image is for context):

You see that??? The second image, where the onClick attribute value is obscured by that crazy color…ain’t that just totally crazy, the attribute highlight – the color change involving HTML attributes??? Can’t just change themes, either – they all have some visual quirk like this, whether we’re talking highlight color choices or fonts or anything else…

Anyway, how can I change that highlight, please??? It’s not obvious what this is even called…it’s not just some global highlight color setting somewhere – and I’ve cycled through them all and can’t find one that matches what I see on the screen…



See, I ain’t the only one driven crazy by the crazy colors…what finally worked for me was Settings > Style Configurator >; Global Styles > Tags attribute – I’d initially passed over it 'cause the yellow in the dialog box didn’t seem to match the color onscreen but it turns out that that’s the one indeed!

Okay, case closed.