Anyone struggling with Javascript?

You are the architect of your own success. Codecademy will gladly take your money, it’s a business. But you are not giving them your money. You are investing in yourself. Only you can capitalize on this platform, or any platform, free or otherwise.

The first success is confusion. That means the wheels and gears are turning. Go slow. Work slow. Study every little detail no matter how simple or trivial it seems. Review. Practice. Explore. Read. Experiment. Repeat. It all comes down to you. You must prove yourself a good investment.


Always appreciate reading your replies when you can feel stuck in a tornado of information! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been trying to put into practice this year of not desperately trying to be perfect immediately at things. Javascript feels like it’s testing me in this case and I’ve seen you reply in a similar way to other peoples posts when they’re feeling lost and confused!

@digital7623381699 I feel ya! As it’s been over a year since you created this thread, did you find that you started to understand it better? :slightly_smiling_face:

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