Anyone struggling with Javascript?

You are the architect of your own success. Codecademy will gladly take your money, it’s a business. But you are not giving them your money. You are investing in yourself. Only you can capitalize on this platform, or any platform, free or otherwise.

The first success is confusion. That means the wheels and gears are turning. Go slow. Work slow. Study every little detail no matter how simple or trivial it seems. Review. Practice. Explore. Read. Experiment. Repeat. It all comes down to you. You must prove yourself a good investment.


Always appreciate reading your replies when you can feel stuck in a tornado of information! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been trying to put into practice this year of not desperately trying to be perfect immediately at things. Javascript feels like it’s testing me in this case and I’ve seen you reply in a similar way to other peoples posts when they’re feeling lost and confused!

@digital7623381699 I feel ya! As it’s been over a year since you created this thread, did you find that you started to understand it better? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve attempted the javascript course twice and it just falls apart for me. By the time I get to iterators, I cant remember how a loop works. Also attempted freecodecamp and the odin project. I guess some of us are just not cut out for anything other than being a tedious manual labor.
codecademy isn’t working or maybe I’m not learning ? Either way it sucks.

Wanna know what sucks even more? Quitting. At least you realize that an iterator is a kind of loop. That’s something. On average most anyone who puts in the time and effort can learn to code and unleash their own native logical reasoning. It’s not child’s play, but it’s not rocket science, either.

If you have the time, then stick with it, no matter how many times you have go back to the beginning. Soon you’ll discover you can have confidence, earned confidence. Stick with it, and go your speed. Nobody is judging you, so don’t judge yourself wrongly. Suck it up to buckle up, as someone once told me.

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You’re right. My confidence has been shattered, I don’t even feel like the same person who started this learning journey almost 6 months ago. Barely got through HTML and CSS but figured I had the fundamentals. Since taking on JavaScript, I just feel like an imposter. I can’t make anything yet, everyone tells me I need to try which is beyond frustrating. I am not sure if the style of learning that codecademy/freecodecamp is providing is actually working for me. I need to get myself in a situation where I can learn from a real human being.

I made this post last night right after another failed attempt at running through another tutorial that I couldn’t get through. I know my negativity is getting out of hand. Im not quitting but I do need to change something in my learning.
Sorry for the negativity I just have never felt this bad at anything. I an clearly not programming “inclined”. The only trait I have that makes me stick to this is that I am beyond stubborn, so my anger and frustration can get the best of me.

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