Anyone struggling with Javascript?

Hi, i just would like to know if anyone else is on the same boat and are finding it hard to get javascript nailed down? I spent days constantly at it and dont seem to be getting anywhere and just go blank. Has anyone had any similar issues or any tips they found that helped them etc. Its like when i go to start coding javascript, i just go blank.


What are you talking about and can I have a link to the lesson

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Hey! You are not alone. I’m still quite new to javascript, I have almost completed Javascript Syntax Part I and i’m still so terrible at putting the code together and just remembering small things. Like I understand the lessons well but when it comes to doing the projects I often find myself having to rely on the little cheats. It’s like my brain cannot do critical thinking on its own. I enjoy coding though. Some times if I don’t understand something I leave it, then come back, if I still don’t understand I leave it again then come back to it when it’s much easier for me to understand. But struggling in coding is normal for everyone. We eventually get there in there in the end.


Nice to know im not alone. Does anyone wanna join a group on discord in relation to the course? We can see if we can help one another out. Maybe one person could be better at one thing compared to someone else and have some tips. I feel looking at the screen constantly gets a bit tedious and speaking to someone could break it down into easy to understand terms.


Yes! I was thinking of that too, that would be brilliant! I don’t mind joining a group on discord. That would be nice if we can help each other out. Let me know if you create a group and i’ll join

Hey, only getting around to creating a discord server now. Heres the link for anyone who wants to join. :slight_smile: Javascript Group Server

I’ve been in the web development career path for over a year and nearing 50% completion. Albeit i haven’t been entirely consistent there were some weeks where i missed days at a time. That’s expected though when you’ve also got things to worry about outside of the computer and bills to pay. That being said I’ve found that even when i can’t sit down at my desk to spend a couple hours coding, I find reprieve in watching a JavaScript centric video on youtube or some other platform. Just to keep it going through my head on the off days.

JavaScript is freaking hard dude! I’m confident with HTML and CSS, but the JavaScript is gnarley. Especially when you start crossing over from just JS code to pulling things from an HTML file so that a website can respond to clicks or mouse movements etc. I also have the Codecademy app on my phone and i use that from time to time to refresh my memory with reviews and quizzes. Nothing is going to compare to real work experience of it all I’m sure but doing projects on the side is also a great way to practice what you’re learning. Here’s a peek at something I’m doing on the side to nurture the skills I’ve learned. A website for my gamer handle xD


I like the gamer handle. Yeh weirdly enough, thats what ive been doing recently too. Ill get fed up and go away somewhere and then im sitting at someones kitchen table watching javascript videos and when im lying in bed at night, i start using the codecademy app aswell as youtube tutorials. I tend to get stuck at something and instead of wasting too much time on it, i go onto something else so i dont lose interest. Im currently doing the php part of the course atm.

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Also how long did it take you roughly to get to 50% completion. Just so i can see if im on track or falling behind. Im currently at 40% on the full stack course.

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I couldn’t give you a clear estimate but I’ve committed many many hours to this.

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How long did it take you to get to 40%? I’m at 6% currently and the directions are getting confusing. I’m finding myself using the cheats and the walk through videos to get through every project.

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To be honest, i wouldnt say ive actually learned the 40% that ive completed. At the moment, im trying to just focus on learning the idea of javascript and understanding what im actually doing instead of just doing the exercise and moving on to the next. Instead im looking up what each thing means for e.g “why is that line of code executing this and that?” Im trying to go back to the beginning and hoping that once i actually understand it, everything will fall into place. I find with this course theres a lot of links and documentation which isnt easy to grasp and then it throws you into a complex exercise and your expected to know it.

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Hello bro, hows it going, I am a software engineering student, graduate in next may. What part of java script seems to be your struggling point? i can help out. Anyone can learn it with different perspectives, I struggled with functions and passing arguments to parameters when I First started learning. I even thought to my self " will ill ever comprehend this"? and now i perfectly understand them. So bro is there anything in particular? cause i promise bro, you got this.

Its like i understand the basics of javascript such as variables, what methods do and what functions do and how to create them but its like knowing when to use them and when i go to try anything or implement code into my own website i dont fully understand what is going on or where to place certain code. Most of the time i just look at javascript code and go “what the ■■■■ is that or what does that mean?” I know this isnt the best way to explain it but i cant pinpoint exactly what im unsure of. I have a discord channel created in the previous comments if you want to message me on there and i could go through it?

Yes, because I’m still learning JS. I’ve gotten through Parts 1 and 2, and am now in Part 3. My biggest challenge right now is getting VSCode to talk to GitHub Pages, so that I can show and update my Codecademy FSE projects!

My suggestions include using Google to run a search on all error messages, and using the MSN documentation, which is connected with Mozilla. Be willing to make lots of mistakes. Reading other people’s code helps. Hope you all find this of benefit.

Welcome, fellow Coder! Glad you’re persisting… even Einstein struggled with js… :wink:

fyi link doesn’t work for me… I am on Discord, you may message me there… not 100% certain of my handle, but includes UDEMY or lindajoyfulcoder I’m sure…

Thanks everyone for all the help and suggestions. I seem to be learning a little more by going back to the very first javascript part of the course and writing code into my own editor and saving it with the appropriate title and also making sure I understand what is happening and why before I go on to the next lesson. I have also been taking notes down on microsoft word which also helps along with using snipping tool for taking snippets of the bit of code explaining whatever it is I am taking notes on. So if this helps anyone else, this is everything I have done in bulletpoints:
1/Making sure i understand the lesson after completing it instead of just moving onto the next one
2/Putting comments beside any bit of code Im not too sure of or may need to reference again.
3/Writing out the code again into my own editor such as visual studio, notepad++ etc.
4/Typing notes into microsoft word along with using snipping tool to get a snippet of the code explaining what is happening.
I feel more confident doing this now because if I do get stuck, I have my notes in my own words along with accompanying screenshots and also all the exercises saved in my own code editor and put into a folder to look back over.

I tried adding you there but couldnt seem to find you on it using lindajoyfulcoder

i am struggling so much with functions, parameters, arguments and iterators. i feel like the instruction is very incomplete on here and i dont get a chance to understand a concept before its moving on. one simple exercise isnt enough to grasp a concept. i feel like ive wasted my time and money on codecademy