Anyone please help


Hi. My name is Owen, and recently, I have been working really hard on improving my game of battleship. I have added about 23 lines of code to my game, making 3 battleships instead of one, making it so that it put an exclamation mark instead of an x when you sink a ship, I made a sunken ships count, and I made it so you would have to sink all 3 ships to win. Earlier today, it started saying that I had an invalid syntax whenever I ran it. I found this funny because before, it was working fine, and I hadn't changed anything. So I let it sit for a while hoping that it would fix the bug, however when I came back, it deleted everything I had done, and left me with the very original game. Not anything that I added. I didn't hit the reset code button, so I know something is up. If anyone knows what to do, please tell me, because I worked so hard on that code, and to see all my work just vanish, was very demoralizing :disappointed_relieved: please help.


Install python on your machine, you can even install it on a flash drive and have all your work on it. Also, do not get disgruntled just try again and this time your code should flow tons better because you have a good idea on what you want.

Also, you can try code repositories like github and bitbucket to store your code online.

Also, you can take a gander at my post here