Anyone having issues with Jupyter notebooks not loading in lessons?

I’m currently working on Python for Data Science: Working with Data. In the lessons, Jupyter notebook is not loading on my screen on the right. The written part of the lesson is showing up, but Jupyter is not. I have tried restarting, deleting browser history, reloading webpage, nothing seems to work.

Without this loading, I cannot move to the next part of the lesson.

Anyone else having this issue?

Thank you.

What’s the exact link for the lesson?
(It’s helpful if a link is provided)

that is the link!

Thank you.

Did you report the bug in the lesson?

Get Unstuck>Bugs>Other> then describe what the issue is. (tell them what you posted above about web browser, etc.)

Thank you for the suggestion, I did report the bug and opened a ticket too

I think others are having a similar issue too from the forums - maybe the website isn’t working at the moment?

Could be, who knows. I’d give it a little time and see if it gets resolved.

Go outside for a walk and get some fresh air. :slight_smile:

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