Anyone has worked on Excel and Python. Want to use excel by Python front end



I want to create a dashboard in Python based website. It will show the values based on the calculation on backend in Excel or Access.


Install Packages to Read and Write Excel Files
Additional Workspace Preparations: pip
Installing Anaconda
Load Excel Files As Pandas DataFrames
Stated differently, you pass the writer variable to the to_excel() function and you also specify the sheet name. This way, you add a sheet with the data to an existing workbook: you can use the ExcelWriter to save multiple, (slightly) different DataFrames to one workbook.

This all means that if you just want to save one DataFrame to a file, you can also go without installing the XlsxWriter package. Then, you just don’t specify the engine argument that you would pass to the pd.ExcelWriter() function. The rest of the steps stay the same.

Similarly to the functions that you used to read in .csv files, you also have a function to_csv() to write the results back to a comma separated file. It again works much in the same way as when you used it to read in the file:

Write the DataFrame to csv

If you want to have a tab separated file, you can also pass a \t to the sep argument to make this clear. Note that there are various other functions that you can use to output your files