Anyone get this to work? SpeakEasy


Anyone get this to work? I opened the example link from this project but it doesn't work there for me. I did everything in the project and it also doesn't work so something must be wrong, maybe my browser. I'm using Chrome on a Mac.
I did allow the microphone access for the site and when on the example site it shows it is using the microphone but it does nothing.
Tried refreshing and screaming 'add milk' with nothing happening. Put on headphones with a microphone and confirmed my computer is using them as the source for my mic and still nothing.
Tried clicking in the text field to see if that did anything. Still nothing.

So no idea what is going on here.


Okay, I was somehow able to get the example to work now. Quitting Chrome and starting it over seemed to help.
Now I am just working on getting my code to work.


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