Anyone get the code perfect but the lesson still not accept it?


Well Hi.

On multiple occasions I've put the correct code in and the lesson wont accept it as correct and let me move on. The preview doesn't update either.

As I don't want to look like an idiot on the internet, I then ensure that the code is right. (use hints (copy word for word the punctuation and everything), refer to old lessons, blah blah blah). When it still wont accept it, I reset the code back to the beginning of the lesson and type EXACTLY THE SAME THING IN and only then does the preview work, and the lesson accept my answer.



I have encountered that problem in the past, still haven't solved it so I can't help... just trying to stop you looking like "an idiot on the internet" :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sorry, man, but we can't really help unless you show us your code and what it's saying is wrong. If you could edit that in your post, I could try to help!


That's the thing. I retyped it, and the lesson then marks the code is correct, nothing for you to help with (on that side at least)

Its the darnedest thing.


That happens to me, but even if i reset it doesn't work.