Anyone experiencing an issue with the code editor not loading?

The editor is down again.
Update: 4:25pm EST - editor is back up!


Is it down at the moment? I’m completely new to code academy and when I hit ‘Run’ on my first assignment, nothing happens.

I am experiencing this issues. Was this ever resolved?

My issue is on this page

Connecting to Codecademy…
The learn section loads but not the editor.
Is there any good and free Java course alternative?
Thank you!

ive the same issue sadly. have you found a way to fix it?

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I’m having this problem right now with the code challenges. And I’ve had it several times throughout the year of my subscription, but never this bad. I’ve tried multiple browsers and even another device. Nothing.

The same thing happened to me in the middle of working on my web development course. This is extremely disruptive to the learning process. Right now, honestly, I feel a little cheated. I can’t move forward and continue my learning exercises, so I may be missing an entire chunk of knowledge that is necessary for learning future information. This seems like a problem that should be at the top of the codecademy’s priority list.

My code editor has not been working for the past two days. This is extremely frustrating considering I’m using the pro version which I had to pay for.

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Agreed :frowning: I’m trying to post in the forums to raise awareness I am also pro and havent been able to get in the last 2 days

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I can’t promise they’ll help aught but the links below do cover a surprising number of issues. Definitely worth checking carefully prior to contacting cc directly-

It’s October and this problem is still not resolved for me. The website and text loads fine, but the code editor just doesn’t load at all and stays grey the whole time. I’ve tried everything, from reloading my computer to wiping the cookies.
Any ideas?

Unfortunately I don’t think this is a problem on the codecademy end. Try working through the suggestions in those links regarding restrictions your local network and such and if that doesn’t work you may have to resort to contacting cc directly (covered in those links).

i cannot either and its a complete waste of my pro membership when i cannot do a single thing!!!
i have tried the troubleshooting and nothing changes.
has anyone found a fix that maybe i missed or didnt think of?

Happening right now, 1/12 6:00 pm est. Definitely not going to be paying for the full version of this site, because I’m at the end of my free trial and these issues just get worse and worse. Right now, I click “run”, wait over a minute, and nothing happens. If I leave the page and come back while it’s loading, it’ll act like I never hit run. The exercise will be checked off as correctly done, but nothing will be in the terminal.

Their compiler also would not show me my work during the Java ArrayList playlist project. I opened up another IDE, pasted my code, and everything worked perfectly. So much time wasted wondering what I’m doing wrong, whole time I’m making progress I can’t see.