Anyone experiencing an issue with the code editor not loading?


I’m currently doing the Linked Lists section in the Computer Science Path. For some reason, the code editor is not loading and it stays loading forever. I changed computers and browsers to no avail. Is anyone else experiencing this? It’s preventing me from moving forward.


I cant connect either.


I’m doing introduction to the Box Model for CSS, keep getting the same problem. Or Code Academy losing connection.


Yep. No connection here for the past few minutes.


Hi @fgambinoc, thanks for reporting this issue here in the forums. We’re very sorry for the interruption. I’m here to let you know that the team is aware and working on the issue right now. Thank you for your patience with us.

EDIT: I’ll continue to keep this post updated with status.

Codecademy connection problems
Lost connection

Looks like it’s down guys. Usually they get this up and running quickly.


This is happening for me as well. It tries to connect, can’t, and then loses connection.


I cannot connect to the labs at all either just says lost connection.


Update: Problem was resolved for about an hour and now it’s broken again. Won’t connect and losing connection.


Just happened for me. Servers down or what? feelsbadman


Servers are probably having issues today


Experiencing this problem right now; checked the dev tools/network tab - there are lots of 304 errors


Also unable to connect to Codecademy servers for practice problems. Website loads fine, no luck on the editor. Should we open a new thread since last reports were a week ago?

  • Tried this on both the c++ and javascript.
  • Running on Chrome from mid-atlantic region
  • Already tried clearing history/cache


same issue here :frowning:

(don’t see the need for a new thread - this is recent, and not closed)


It seems like this is starting to happen every other day now. This outage seems to be lasting longer than the previous ones I have encountered. Super frustrating.


Seems to be back at my end… we’ll see how long it lasts ??

agree, it’s quite annoying - especially if you only have a short amount of time each day to study.
Still, these things happen, and they seem to be fairly on-the-ball at getting things back up and running quickly


Just got connection back myself!


every now and then their servers have issues which brings all learning to a complete halt. it’s a server side issue not usually local on your machine.


Hi all, thanks for your patience with us during these blips. We heard from the PM on overseeing this today that they believe they’ve got a handle on the root cause of these now, so we should be good. But, in the unfortunate case that this does happen again, you’re doing the right thing by letting us know in the Forums. After doing a quick refresh of your browser you’re still seeing connection issues, coming here to alert us is a great way to tip us off to a widespread issue.

Thanks again.


Still having issues. Also posted this to the Codecademy twitter page where a message was posted two week ago about it.