Anyone else having formatting issues?

When I try to run an object property like this:
All I get is an error, and i can’t see why.

Can we have your code and what language it is in.

Looks like JavaScript…

obj = {
  _games: [],
  get games () {
    return this._games;
  set games (game) {

Is the above similar to what you are working on? What exercise is this?

Oh yeah! So sorry. I’m working on the Full Stack Engineer course, so i’m currently working through JavaScript. It’s the Team Stats project in JavaScript Syntax Part 2.

Yes! this is essentially what I’m working on, but whenever i run just the object property I get an error.

Alright, sorry for notification spam. I just realized that i forgot a comma. Thanks for the help, and sorry again for wasting your time.:sweat_smile:

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Not a bother; always glad to help. It would be more time wasted if you struggled on your own. The forums are here so we can get the little nudge that we all of us humans need from time to time. Perish the thought that difficulties eventually trail off. They don’t. Never be hesitant to ask questions or reach out for guidance. It’s all part of the process.

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