Anyone else had problem like this while paying?

I don’nt know this is right place to post this or no , excuse me if not.
I’m trying to get Pro subscription at Codecademy .
First I started to sign up at codecademy and started 7 day trial with Paypal , system could pull 1 $ from my paypal but when system was trying to pull monthly subscription from my paypal account It failed , and my pro subscription canceled .

now I contacted Paypal and card provider and charged the paypal account .

Now every time I click try pro for free button paypal send me error message :
“Sorry we weren’t able to set up preapproved payments at this time.”

I don’t know how I attach my paypal information to my account so codecademy could try and pull money from my paypal…
the only way to set payapl account is clicking on try pro for free redirecting to paypal page and error .

this is only paypal account I have and I’m unable to buy another paypal account or visa card .

Anyone knows what can I Do ? I think some blockage thing happened to me paypal account after failing to pay monthly subscription.
I wanted to share my problem to help because I have no idea how to solve.

Hey there - there’s nothing we can do to assist with billing issues here on the forum.

You will need to contact Codecademy directly by opening a support ticket here.


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