Anyone else get crushed?


I was doing pretty well up until I hit Chapter 8 - Practice Makes Perfect? Did anyone else get crushed by this section?

If so, how did you proceed? Did you redo the chapter until you understood it?

Did you just move on?

I’ve got to admit, this blew me up and I’m not feeling too confident after this chapter. Of course, I am going to continue, but I want to do so in a way that will be most valuable to my progress.

Any comments or condolences :slight_smile: will be greatly appreciated.


You are not the first person to make a topic who feel like they hit a wall in practice makes perfect, and i would feel pretty safe to put money on the fact that you won’t be the last person either

the “problem” with practice makes is that its really testing your problem solving skills, to put everything together you learned so far. So take your time with this section, its really helpful.

draw the problem and solution steps if you have too. Preferable don’t use the get solution button. Come to the forum where we can guide you, so you get to solution. Which will teach you far more then working backwards from the solution


I just felt extremely confused and couldn’t easily recall all of the syntax needed to pull some of these things off. Also, one solution made use of floor divide, which I didn’t see in the previous lessons. After looking it up, I now understand that it is a way to divide with the quotient being an integer.

That said, I did skip through to the solutions because I really felt like I had no idea how to solve some of them.

Is there any way to reset the progress in only this section so that I can attempt them again?


syntax doesn’t matter, you can use documentation for this. Its more important to apply problem solving skills here

digit_sum, its not the solution codecademy should use.

shame, you could have learned so much from it. You learn far less by going through the solution, why not come to the forum?

You can reset individual exercises, not sure how much this would set you back in progress.


Well, now that I know how to access the forums I could check it out. I didn’t just give up though, which is worth mentioning. I spent hours on this one section and on a couple of the exercises, I spent at least an hour trying to fix them.

It feels a little argumentative in here. Looking for help, not shaming, but thanks for taking the time to respond.


Yep, persistence is a good skill to have as developer.

This is always a tricky point, as more experience programmers/developers, we ran into specific problems, and using arguments we try to prevent new learners from making the same mistakes. So we really try to help, not shaming new users.

Did you feel like i shamed you for using the get solution button? I was just trying to make a point that this section is really useful to learn some problem solving, which is a valuable skill and you get the maximum from the course by really taking your time to solve the problems in practice makes perfect. So i was trying to maximize your learning experience, not shaming it.


Gotcha. Thanks.

So that brings me to the question, how should I best proceed? In each of the lessons I wasn’t able to solve did move ahead and viewed the solutions. I tried to understand all of the logic and syntax so that it wasn’t a loss and I could learn from the suggested solutions.

At this point, should I run back through or proceed with the next chapter?

My feeling is that I should keep on pushing through to the next chapter and that over time it will make more and more sense.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


I would then advise to continue first, given the course will now more be like it was before practice makes perfect.

then after finishing the python course, go back to practice makes perfect and try it again, see what you picked up from studying the solutions while the solutions are no longer fresh in memory.

and this time preferable do not use the get solution button, and if you really get stuck, use the forum, there we can help you in steps, which get solutions can’t. But ultimately this is your choice, this is just my recommendation.

it will certainly get easier with time and practice.


Thanks, sounds good. Thanks for taking time to reply.


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