Anyone else frustrated with how out of date a lot of the projects are?

I am almost finished with the Create a Back-End App with JavaScript course and many of the projects in this course are very out of date. Because the projects are not updated regularly, it has become a huge time killer to simply get a project to a point where you can even start it.

The project I am currently on (X-Press Publishing) was build on node v9 and sqlite v3.1.9! Node is currently at v14 and sqlite is at v3.33. I think it is ridiculous that these projects are using dependencies that are 3+ years out of date. It also is not just this project. A project right before it in this course (Gold Medal Metrics) also has issues working on a computer with current package versions.

Seriously, it is unacceptable for a company based around programming to have such bad practices. Learn Python The Hard Way was released in 2013 and it can still be used currently to learn how to program with python3. It is crazy to me that this book has been updated 3 time since it has come out and it continues to remain a relevant source for learning programming, yet this website is still using old and outdated packages.

Sorry for the ranting, I’m just incredibly frustrated from spending two hours trying to get npm install to run successfully. If you have experience with this in other courses, I’d love to hear about it. What other broken projects have you encountered and did you manage to get it working?

I totally get where you are coming from. I’ve just completed this series of lessons and I lost time getting the projects to a point where I could actually start working on them. I lost momentum as I had to go off on a tangent to the work I was planning to do.

To take something positive from it, I now know how to recognise and solve this problem which is a useful skill for the future. No doubt if called to work on an existing project this may be something we encounter.

I agree that it isn’t on that we should encounter these issues in a paid training product. It is a valuable lesson, but one we should encounter intentionally and with guidance as opposed to accidentally due to lack of maintenance.

I contacted the help desk about the React API lessons teaching deprecated material and they replied saying they are updating these lessons. We can only hope they are addressing the other issues too.


I hear you.
Also, as @barrystingmore mentioned you may encounter old codebases in a current or future job that you have, so, it’s good practice to know the older code. I mean, case in point: NJUI’s system was based on COBOL. They had to put out a call to older programmers to help them update their system.
I also started learning Python on LPTHW. :slight_smile:


Same thing here. I couldn’t learn Node.js because CC’s version was so out of date, I was like “Man, this ain’t gonna be actually useful for me to learn”. Guess I’ll just have to find somewhere else to learn it :woman_shrugging:

What I didn’t know is that their SQL version was out of date. And I completed every single SQL course in here. Anyone here knows if there really is a significant difference between v3.1.9 and v3.3.3 that I should be worried about?


Hey everyone, Codecademy staff here. I’m sorry that the packages for these projects are causing such problems.

Our curriculum QA team hasn’t grown nearly as quickly as our catalog, so now they are trying to address issues in a wide variety of languages, courses, and paths. We’re aware of this and we’re trying to get caught back up.

Schedule some time to meet with me if you want to discuss things further, I’m really happy to chat with anyone on this thread about how we can be maintaining our content more effectively:


@yizuhi The current sqlite version is actually 3.33.0. So the version on the projects is 32 minor version updates behind. Here you can check out everything added in each update of sqlite.

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Hi there.

I’m actually browsing thru the articles “Pass the Technical Interview with Java” in order to consolidate my basic understanding of Java and eventually pass the OCA exam in a while.

So far, I’m really enjoying the experience and like the way the articles are diplayed but I’m wonderring how recent this has been writen because it seems to me that some concepts are slightly outdated and could do a good use of a small refresh.

As an exemple:

1. Getting Started With Data Structures >

Java Reviews >

Additional Important Java Topics.

It seems to me that Dictionary objects are obselete.
Is there any updates comming to this Tutos?

I found this class a bit by mistake and I was sooo happy, but maybe, yeah small refresh needed?
It’s possible that it’s still online but not accessible thru the search bar (I found it from Google search).

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Still not been fixed 1.5 years later. I’m currently on the data analysis course and it’s using Python 2. I really like Codecademy and would be willing to pay for the pro version but this is a big dealbreaker for me