Anyone can recomend me any webpage page or mobile app where i can practice python?

Like the question says, anyone can recomend me any mobile app or webpage where i can practice python?

What kind of practice? Codecademy has sandobxes for this and you can find quite a few online interpreters of varying quality e.g. or hosted notebook options like google colab. If you wanted to practice actual problems then sites like codewars/hackerrank/leetcode and similar offer various challenges to complete.

I’m less familiar with the mobile specific apps; a number do exist but due to the typical restrictions imposed on mobile apps they’re often quite limited. You’d likely need to have a search around to find something that suits.

I need sites where i can practice actual problems in my own pace, thanks for que quick response. I will prove with the sites you have proposed.

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I am know proving codewars, for know it covers my necesities. A very high thank you from here.

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