Anybody work in finance/accounting here?

I am trying to break into accounting at a large software company like Microsoft. But it requires SQL on top of my accounting skills.

Does anybody have any guidance or tips on how to proceed?


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Hey @nelsonkmak, welcome to the forum.

You could, perhaps, take a look at the Learn SQL course? :slight_smile:


Yepp I finished the SQL course at codeacademy already!

If that’s it for the requirements, you’ve met them by what you’ve told us.


Just free codeacademy is not enough to achieve the required level of proficiency. For example, I will also need to practice leetcode.

i think this a very healthy attitude, codecademy can be a good first step, but more work is certainly required.

leetcode seems like a good options.

you can look at other resources like edx and udemy, see what they have.

i usually combine sql with other languages to make the login of a website, blogs or maybe even a simple webshop? Would be good practice