Anybody on MacBook - Having error message with system.out.println?

Im always getting this message below error: package system does not exist
system.Out.Println = (stepOne);
1 error

What should I do ?

It’s a capital s and lower case o and lowercase p for System.out.println. Furthermore, it’s a method, so you can’t set it equal to something. Instead it takes a printable argument as parameter. When in doubt it’s good to look over documentation for these detials :slight_smile: (i’ll put link below):


System.out.println("Hello, morld!");

Is there any hard and fast rule with the brackets ?

I notice that with a variable you dont add brackets but with some system.out.println - you do add brackets.

What is there im missing, or is it just practice ?


Thankyou. - and add hummus :slight_smile:

Yes, these patterns become familiar after a while. If you do any math with functions, it’s the same idea (loosely, java methods are basically functions, but since they live in objects/classes they call them methods).

The key is consistent practice and insistence on reviewing the things that feel weird (like you’re doing right now!). Over time you will get a basic set of tools to be able to distinguish what you need.