Anybody know a good website to learn how to develop games?


I really enjoy the lessons on Codecademy, but the field of programming I want to get into is game development. So does anybody know any websites where I can learn how to make a game? Don't suggest roblox. I already know that one. Bonus if it's likely to not be blocked. Would be nice if it was one where you interactively learn.


Well, there are many sorts of games (game in javascript using canvas), or using games like unreal engine4, or unity3d, or c# for windows phone, or java for android, or swift2 for ios, and so on. So, could you be a little more specific then just a game? I doubt there are many interactive game tutorials. You could read this, it contain many useful links, i know they are not all coding related, but still


My idiotic school blocked it.


Blocked what? Can't you use a vpn like hola, or any vpn/tunnel (ssh) service? Any way, i can't hep you with a block by your school