Anybody else having connection issues on exercises or just me?

Anybody else having trouble with connection on exercises where you’re given a terminal and workspace? The eclipse at the top of the workspace keeps saying “Lost connection to codecademy”.

Sometimes if i refresh, it will connect again but then disconnect after a short period of time. Haven’t been able to establish a connection for about 5 min now. Is this a me problem or something with the site?


I’ve had the same problem here for the past 15/20 minutes

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Same issue here too.

ok, i guess it’s good to know i’m not the only one. Hopefully it’s resolved shortly.

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Same here, I’ve tried clearing browser data and restarting. Also tried another browser. Nothing has worked so far.

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I have the same issue here.

Same issue, really stuck right now. :frowning:

Same for me too. Seems to happen pretty regularly for me.

Same here . having issue with console

Says on twitter that they’re looking into it.

Same issue here. I think they need to solve it

Same. I just reported it

Are these problems a common thing?

It definitely happens pretty frequently for me when i’m going through these exercises, although normally it will just randomly disconnect if i’ve been inactive in the window for a bit, then when i click back in it will reconnect.

This is the first time for me where I haven’t been able to reconnect.

Looks like it’s back up for anybody who hasn’t noticed yet.