Anybody Else Finding the Web Dev Path Very Tough?

I’ve completed the Data Science and Computer Science career paths and have now moved on to the Web Dev path. I’ve been surprised by how much tougher the Web Dev path is than the other two. Specifically, once I got to module 10 (React) there seemed to be a pretty steep increase in difficulty. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or if it is just me, maybe web dev just doesn’t click with me as much.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with it being difficult as programming is a difficult subject in general, but again just caught off guard by how it differs from the other paths and wondering if it is just the nature of the path/web development in general or if it may be something on my end.

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I haven’t done the full Web Dev path, but I did the JavaScript Back-End Development and it was difficult. I spent a lot of time reading documentation and code trying to understand how to do the projects and even some of the lessons. I also think it’s a little strange that they put front-end development before back-end in the career path. I would think front-end would be easier to grasp with a foundation of back-end.

I have been doing the Web Dev path for a few weeks now. I have been working hard on it and doing as many of the modules that I can. I feel like I have learned a lot, but I have no real world knowledge of how I would implement what I have learned into a project of my own. Following the steps is fairly simple, but learning to use what I have learned on my own has proven to be far more difficult.


Implementing the skills outside of the projects in the course seems to be the most daunting thing. I’ve only been doing this course for about 10 days and from what I’ve seen so far, it holds your hand a lot in the projects.
So I’ve started to try and re-create them by myself. From scratch. It takes much longer at times, but I get much more out of it, because it’s not just about following instructions anymore, but figuring out stuff for yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect or a huge project. Start out small, mess around with it, build on it. It’s terrifying, but will get easier with time (I hope). :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Once you get to around module 10 of the course it starts holding your hand a lot less. I think that’s what is making it seem so tough. Some of the later projects are really rough in terms of figuring out what they are looking for and how to implement it. But as you say, hopefully you get more out of it that way and it will become easier with time.


I figured as much. But I guess it’s one of those “learn how to swim or drown” things. That’s why I’m trying to mess around with everything I learn from the beginning so I’m ready to tackle the harder stuff when it comes around. Also: Google is your friend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It might not help you figure out what the exercise wants from you, but it might help finding what you don’t get a grip on and give you an aha-moment or two.

Good luck!

I can confirm that it does hold your hand less the further you go in. But, it got the a point to where I understood the code when reading it, but had no idea how to finish a challenge without a hint. The Node JS section completely lost me. It got to a point where I couldn’t progress further without just running the solution code. I ended up putting the rest of the course on hold until I feel more comfortable with the courses content.


One additional thing I’ll note is that when you get to module 13, the X-Press Publishing cumulative project appears to contain several bugs/issues that make the project difficult to complete (ex. because the files you have to work with are old, you have to download an older version of NPM to work with them). I’ve noticed this kind of thing in a couple of other places in the course as well, which I think is adding to my frustration given what we are paying for our memberships.


I am going through this now! How is/did everyone handle this change in difficulty/assistance? I find myself googling and watching YouTube videos a lot now to get a better understanding.

Anyone have any suggestions that they think helped them get through React modules and beyond? I can’t wait for everyone’s feedback. Thanks in advance.

I don’t suggest letting the modules be the only way you take in the information.

Documentation, youtube, irc/discord, note taking (written, visual, and audio), podcasts, and books are your best friends! Personally I find reference books go a long way, and some good ones can be accessed through subscription services (scribd, packt). I often just buy one if I really need to know the subject well, as they can cover a lot of grey areas (though you have to check through forums that you’re getting a really solid book).

Yes, I recently completed the web developer path, and it got WAAAY harder once getting to Express and Node especially. Gratingly so… I got through it, but had to look at solutions a lot and kept wondering why it was so much less enjoyable than the preceding parts. Coding in general is fun, but Express??? Ugh. JS testing was pretty difficult too, but with the help of Google it went okay.

As some mentioned above, the projects to do off platform are also hindered by the fact that they use old versions of the packages. My computer wouldn’t even load them it just froze every time I tried to npm install for a X-press or expresso, beat-mix, and a few of the others (these may not all be in web dev, I jumped around a bit).

Having everything server heavy in the end of the course definitely slowed down progress and demotivated me a bit, but by then you are so close, it’s worth it to keep going! :slight_smile:


I agree, try to find other projects to do that help you to progress. Sometimes it helps to go back over the basics. for me reviewing apis, and dom events has proved very helpful to me. There are a lot of websites with front end challenges if you don’t know what to make. Sometimes reading what other people’s code helps you too because as you try to understand it you look up things as to why certain things run the way they do

I finished the Webdev path last week. I have mixed feelings about it. Although I learned a lot during that course, some parts were very frustrating. I think the course needs a tiny overhaul. X-Press Publishing is the best example for it since it is buggy from the start on. I also remember the Loadash project that left me with a ‘WTF did I just learned and why’ feeling. The React course was great and also a bit frustrating. But I was so enthusiastic about React that I started learning it on Youtube. Thanks to Codevolution and other people I learned all about Hooks, Bootsrap React, React Spring, Axios … and btw. about using the spread operator (why not here?).

And this brings me to my suggestion of the day: I really like the approach from Codecademy to teach people these kind of thinks. But maybe you can connect some parts of the path like creating a website, using Git to publish it, using React and API calls (with MongoDB or the public Instagram API) to end up with a really cool “About Me” website. And every once in a while you have a look on some parts of the course because the world of coding develops fast.

And if the Webdev path has a Product Owner: Think about getting feedback from the people after each chapter. A star rating would already do it and I’m pretty sure a lot of people would like to give more feedback. You would be surprised what you can do just with natural language processing to analyze messages from customers to improve the User Journey.