Any tips on my code? 1


ok, i wrote this code in

Python: Object-Oriented Programming | Codecademy

and i’m clueless why it doesn’t say the “you got it right!” thingy. am i missing something? or that exercise just doesn’t show the “you got it right” thingy?

here’s my code btw:

class Cat:
  def __init__(self, input_name,input_gender , input_breed, input_age = 0): = input_name
    self.gender = input_gender.lower()
    self.breed = input_breed
    self.age = input_age
    self.is_cuddly = True
    self.is_good_cat = True

  def break_a_vase(self):
    self.is_good_cat = False
    print("{name} isn't a good cat until further notice!{pronoun} broke a vase!".format(name =,pronoun = "she" if self.gender == "female" else "he"))

new_cat = Cat("Leo","MALE", "Tabby", 3)


p.s: also, any comments?