Any notable startup project launched by Codecademy Alumni?

Hi everyone,

I am curious to know if there are some exemples of startup/companies launched by some students of codecademy.
In fact it’s a dream of mine, I come from a business school and I work in function IT, project Management, so I have no technical skill.
I’m here to get them and be able to start something.
Having some exemples can be really motivating so that explains my question.

Thank you for your answers !

I think there are a few but I can’t find the forum post or links to the projects. But employees at Google, Facebook, NASE, IBM, and Drop box.

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I saw the forum part about the highlighted projects and the news letter, but I was not able to find where I can subscribe to this newsletter.
Regarding the jobs, I saw in the testimonials the positions that some could get and it’s impressive.
I will do some forum researches about the startup/project post if I can find it !
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I think you are adamantly subscribed to the newsletter.

Hey, for the record, I found this post :
From Zero to Technical Founder of #1 Product Hunt Startup

It was the only one I was able to find, do not hesitate to share others if you find :slight_smile: