Any kind feedback gratefully received!

Well this was fun to do, having free range of fonts and colours – but also a reminder how easily the styling for even a simple webpage can get complicated as multiple revisions of multiple CSS declarations interact!

I have tested the webpage on Chrome desktop, using DevTools to check the display at narrow screen widths. I have also got the page to work in IE11, which to my surprise works fine with the scalable vector images and more or less copes with the flexboxes. But in the Android Chrome app everything appears surprisingly small, which makes the links hard to tap. So perhaps there ought somehow to be a relative increase in sizing for mobile screens disregarding what looks best on even a narrow-width desktop window.

The interactive demo is a button to toggle between light and dark mode. As this is only a demo and the course has not yet covered cookies and related data protection issues, I’ve not sought to make the mode persistent between navigations.

There are so many amazing designs from other people in this forum, so hopefully this is not too simple to demonstrate some relevant skills. Anyway, thanks for reading!


Hello @byte6037565483 , Thanks for sharing your portfolio! :clap:

I took a quick look and its good. It clear and concise showing the projects you’ve worked on plus the skills you know. :star2: for the dark and light mode! Come back to it at a later point and refresh it with new ideas, colors and maybe different styling.