Any Ideas what i am doing wrong?


Any Ideas what i am doing wrong?

Ending up

you take a slice of word, why? you want to take a slice of new_word


Thank you, now it worked... But I'm not sure if that was intended.


new_word contains the translated (pyglatin) version of your word, you want to take the first letter out. So then it make sense to take the slice of new_word


I'm sorry for bothering you, but i just don't understand you.

Isn't the intention of this program or code to translate a word so it is written in "Pyglatin"?
Why then do I just get my input word..


I think i got it, i misplaced the variable which i want to print out, right? I would need to write print new_word i would say.
And Actually I just realised, that that is the task in the next part.


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