Any experienced JS devs here I could volunteer for?

I’ve been studying JS on here for about 6 months now but feel like I need to get an internship with a more experienced developer. Are there any JS devs here that I could work for for free, so that I can start building practical experience in how to apply this stuff to real world projects?

An alternative, which may appeal to you, would be to take a look at some of the GitHub Topics which are JavaScript related.

For example, there’s a vanilla JavaScript topic, but also topics focused on Node.js, React etc.

You’ll likely find a multitude of projects on there which have outstanding issues, and a lot of these use labels like “help wanted” or “good first issue” to highlight areas where those new to GitHub / working as part of a larger project may find they’re able to help and ease them in to contributing to a larger body of work.


Wow, that is a great idea. I am glad I asked on here, cause I was completely unaware of that. Thank you very much for your suggestion, I’ll look into that now.

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No problem.

One further thing I might add; don’t write off issues on GitHub which are projects asking for help with documentation.

Having to read through code you haven’t written, so that you can get sufficient comprehension of its workings to be able to coherently express this to others via the documentation is just as useful a skill as being able to smash out however many lines of code to solve a problem.

(One of my greatest bugbears, not just with code but rather more generally, is that I find quite a lot of documentation produced these days just isn’t up to scratch…)

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